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General Exterior Repairs

As you would expect, our roofers are not afraid of heights and we have all the scaffolding and equipment required for high-level work.

This means you can rely on us for any exterior work such as repairing or repointing brickwork, fixing porch roofs and bay roofs, renewing cladding and repairing other exterior features.

How can we help you?

Interested in general exterior repairs please contact us for a free estimate on 020 8249 8497 or 07772 885 625.

Why choose us?

The roof of your home is one of your most important assets, as it protects your property and its contents from water ingress and damage. Water is a destructive force that can cause damage and rot to your house’s structure and interiors if not dealt with quickly.

A poor repair will not only fail to make your roof watertight; it can lead to further problems resulting in your roof ending up in worse condition and costing more to renovate.

At GD Roofing we ensure that we get to the cause of the problem and fix any leaks at their source to ensure your roof stays secure and watertight into the future.

Whatever the issue, we will always find the best and most cost-effective solution for your home. That’s why you should choose GD roofing for all your roofing needs in London, Bromley and Kent.

Call us today on 020 8249 8497 if you have any questions or would like a free no-obligation quote.

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